Service Members and Military Personnel Who Are Eligible for Veterans' Aid Benefits

Walt Shurden
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
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One of the many benefits of having served in the Armed Forces is being eligible to receive a special pension for your retirement. This pension, also called Veterans’ Aid and Attendance, is available to most active service members—including those who may not normally be considered active duty personnel.

Military Personnel Who Are Eligible for Veterans’ Aid

In addition to former service members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Reserve services, there are many other types of personnel who may be considered veterans, and are therefore eligible for veterans’ Aid.

You may be able to receive Veterans’ Aid and Attendance if you:

  • Were a commissioned officer in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • A U.S. merchant marine who gave military assistance during Operation Mulberry in the invasion of Normandy, or in other oceangoing service during WWII
  • Are a civilian who served as a ferry pilot in a war zone
  • Acted as a Wake Island defender or were part of the Guam Combat Patrol
  • Are a U.S. civilian who participated in the defense of Bataan
  • Are a civilian who was assigned to OSS secret intelligence
  • Are a former member of a U.S. civilian flight crew and aviation ground support of TWA, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp, or Braniff Airways who served overseas between December 14, 1941 and August 14, 1945
  • Are a U.S. civilian who served overseas under U.S. armies and U.S. army groups with the American Field Service in WWII
  • Were a civilian crew member of certain U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey vessels in WWII
  • Were a member of the Alaska Territorial Guard during WWII
  • Are a former female clerical employee serving with the American Expeditionary Forces in WWII
  • Were a U.S. civilian female employee of the U.S. Army Nurse Corp who served in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor from January 2, 1942 to February 3, 1945
  • Are a former member of the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs), Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), or WWI Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit
  • Are a recipient of the Medal of Honor

In addition to being honorably discharged from one of these military services, veterans must meet consecutive active service requirements to be eligible for benefits. At the Law Office of Walter B. Shurden, we can examine your affairs to determine all the different types of benefits you may collect, as well as help you maintain eligibility to pay for long-term care. Call us today at 877-241-1230 or email us to have our staff contact you as soon as possible.

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