What kinds of services for the elderly does Florida Medicaid cover?

Under the Florida Medicaid program, most medical services are covered for seniors who have been found eligible for the program. Once they are approved, Medicaid beneficiaries must enroll in a health plan provided through health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and service networks, which are administered much like any other benefit plan.

Covered Services for Elderly Adults Under Florida Medicaid

  • Hospital Treatments

    Medicaid should cover any hospital care, including inpatient visits, outpatient appointments, rural health clinic visits, surgeries, transplant services, care at ambulatory surgical centers, county health department clinic visits, and most treatments administered by a doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or nurse assistant.
  • Diagnostic Testing

    Any tests you require, such as blood testing, lab work, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, or other diagnostics shall be covered.
  • Nursing Home Care

    Medicaid may pay for intermediate nursing facilities, long-term care, state mental health hospitals, and home health care for seniors who have daily medical needs.
  • Specialist Care

    In addition to regular medical appointments, patients can get payment for podiatry services, dental check-ups, vision care, chiropractic services, mental health care, dialysis center visits, and hospice care.
  • Prescriptions and Medical Equipment

    Any medications, medical equipment, medical supplies, augmentations, communication systems, and assistive devices may be purchased through Medicaid.
  • Miscellaneous Medical Costs

    Medicaid can also be used to pay for transportation costs to and from appointments, and also toward insurance premiums and deductibles.

Florida also offers a medically needy program, allowing seniors who do not qualify for Medicaid to receive a small stipend toward their monthly medical expenses. This program requires seniors to pay for most of their care before Medicaid pays the remainder, and cannot be applied to the costs of long-term care.

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