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OIG Report Finds Serious VA Claims Mismanagement

Posted on May 20, 2015

The Office of Inspector General issued a report dated April 22, 2015 that substantiated allegations of mismanagement and data manipulation at VA Claims processing centers in Philadelphia, and claims mismanagement at a Oakland facility.  Among the most egregious findings were that the VA had failed to respond for more than 312 days to 31,000 inquiries by those waiting on their claim.  This reports provides an independent factual findings that Veterans claims process was disfunctional and that VA management was covering up the problems.  

To those of us in Florida who assist Veterans with planning and the VA claims process, the report feels like a cool October breeze after a long Florida summer. Floridians filing Aid and Attendance claims have had to endure the rudeness of some adjudicators at the Philadelphia Regional Office that can only come from someone who does not treat their job as a profession. We have experienced having our important documents lost, the inability of the VA to send notices to the correct party, and delay after delay in the processing of some straightforward claims. And all the while the greatest generation waited in hospital beds and assisted living facilities while this institutional disfunction was swept under the rug by managment.




Walt Shurden
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney