Steps to Becoming Medicaid Eligible

Free Information on the Steps to Becoming Medicaid Eligible

Do you or loved one need help paying for long term care and want to become eligible for Medicaid? Does the whole process seem daunting to you? After reading Elder Law Attorney, Walt Shurden's Steps to Becoming Medicaid Eligible eBook, you will find just how achievable it actually is. Moreover, it can mean better financial and emotional security for your loved ones. This short, easy-to-read eBook will help you get past your fears by walking you through specific steps to becoming eligible. You will then be able to see the benefit of eligibility in actual dollars.

Inside You will Find Out the Answers to These Questions:

  • What is the process and what information should I have before filing an application for Medicaid?
  • What is the required level of medical need I must meet to apply for Medicaid?
  • What is the maximum monthly income I can have to apply and how is that income determined?
  • I've heard of the "asset test" but what does that mean? Which assets are counted and which ones are excluded?
  • Do I have any options if my assets are over Medicaid's resource limits?
  • Where should I turn for help if I decide I want assistance with becoming Medicaid eligible?

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