How Can I Qualify for Help Taking Care of My Spouse or Parent at Home?

I'm often asked by clients how they can get more help in the home and many of them look to Medicaid to provide that help. Unfortunately, Medicaid has long waiting lists for home and community based services. And, once you are on that waiting list, it's hard to know where you stand because it's not managed in a first come first serve basis. Instead they use a rating scale. Each person on the list is rated for certain risk factors to see who needs it the most. So, it can be time consuming and you don't really know where you stand.

A strategy to get past that waiting list, is in the event that the individual that is on the waiting list has an event that sends them to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. They can apply for Medicaid while they are in that facility. And, once they establish their eligibility, they can then transition their benefits to home and effectively get around the waiting list.

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Walt Shurden
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney