What Do I Need to Report on My Application for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits in Florida?

Let's talk for a minute about what you have to report on your application for Medicaid nursing home benefits in Florida. The first thing that you have to report is any assets that have been given away in the last sixty months. So those are assets from a husband or wife to anybody outside the marriage.

The second thing you have to report is all the assets that you own at the time of application. So this would be the value of your home, your stocks, your bank accounts, life insurance cash value and anything else that you own.

The third thing you have to report is your sources of income. Your social security or pension or monies that you have annuitized that you are receiving monthly.

These items are going to form the basis of what you'll be required to pay Medicaid in what is called "patient responsibility".

I have prepared an eBook that's ready to be downloaded. It has this information and a lot more information about Medicaid eligibility in Florida and I invite you to download this eBook and then call our office if you think we can be of help.

Walt Shurden
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney