What Do I Do if I Just Can't Take Care of My Spouse or Parent at Home?

I often meet with clients for the first time who are struggling with taking care of a spouse at home and they just can't do it anymore. So, this is a difficult situation and if you're going through this situation, my advice to you is to go get some help. You should schedule an appointment with an elder law attorney. They are going to ask you what you and your husband's or wife's income and assets are and by the end of that consultation they should be able to tell you whether you would already be eligible if you made application for long term care benefits or what obstacles stand in your way and how to overcome them. This is important information and it's going to allow you to think about your future and understand how much income you'll have to live on and how much income might be leaving the home to pay for long term care.

We would love be of assistance to you. We ask you to please call the office and schedule a consultation.

Walt Shurden
Board Certified Elder Law Attorney